Chicken Curry Buns

Buns. Yep, it’s another type of bread. Therefore, this is another bread making adventure post. But these aren’t your ordinary buns. These are stuffed buns and chicken curry stuffed ones at that. Bread with filling.. you definitely know you’re in for a wonderful surprise even just after the first bite. I got the recipe from a mini recipe book my mom bought me a while back. I’ve pretty much made all the recipes from this book but you guessed it, I avoided the breads..

Making the bread. DIFFICULT. Not much has changed. This was only the second time I tried making bread and it was not successful. The buns were tough and doughy. The filling was good though. I’m thinking it has something to do with the proofing. I don’t have the eye and feel to know how much ‘rise’ is good enough when the dough has risen. Maybe if the dough did rise more, these would’ve have been perfect. The light and flaky buns they were meant to be. They looked pretty though. And they were actually quite tasty. But I still have so much MORE to learn. Back to the drawing board it is!


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