Onion Focaccia

Bread. MMmmm. There’s just something about the smell of freshly baked bread. You’ll definitely want to act like a dog, sniffing around just to find where that wonderful aroma is coming from.. Bread making, though, is a NIGHTMARE. I love bread. Carbs. Starch. But making it is just a whole different story.

I’ve never made bread before in my entire life. And for a couple reasons. 1) Yeast scares me. I don’t know why, but they are live organisms and they look just that, alive.. before even putting them into some water and sugar solution. 2) Kneading. I really don’t have any experience knowing how long I have to knead dough before it’s ready.. I’ve only ever made quick breads before because they’re a lot easier. Banana bread. Date Walnut bread. Yes, they were all easy and tasty. I think this is the perfect time to take some classes on bread making. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Preferably ones that hold day classes on weekends 🙂

The focaccia. It is Italian. Flat, savory, light and fluffy. While going through one of my favorite blogs, Baking Bites, I found a number of posts on focaccia. I chose this recipe because it looked easy enough and I knew I had to get over my fear. So I just did it.

The result: pretty good for my first time making bread. It tasted like focaccia. But it was way TOO SALTY. I think I should’ve skipped the extra sprinkles of coarse salt on this one as you can see in the picture below… shiny, glistening salt. Click on it if you want a closer look! I had to remedy this so I actually used the focaccia to make pizza squares, check out the post for that too.

Thanks for reading my first post on bread making. I definitely won’t give up on this because this is the perfect example when I need to keep telling myself- practice makes perfect! Please do read up on my bread making adventures, I feel like I have more to say on this topic.

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    OMG PRESH ANO BAAA!!!! YUMMEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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