Goose Station Dinner

THE THREE MUSKETEERS. Or Pigs? Who are we? Well this foodie group consists of me, my younger brother and his girlfriend Sambie. We eat together. A LOT. Since my brother’s still studying in the U.S., he craves for all sorts of food whenever he’s back. So Sambie and I gain a few (ok, more than a few) pounds when he’s here since we eat out to satisfy those cravings he’s been having while abroad.

This dinner was actually a while back.. Hmm.. I’d say around July 2010? I thought I’d blog about this just in case a lot of you haven’t tried Goose Station and was wondering how my experience was. First, the menus. There were the 5-course Express and the 10-course Full Degustation menus. Since we wanted to feel a little healthier about dinner, we opted for the Express menu.

OVERALL: food was great. No real violent complaints. The 5 course menu was well worth the money for the quality of the food and concept. Here are some of the pictures of the most memorable dishes we had:

Eggs Benedict: was definitely good with the truffle oil, but somehow became too overwhelming

The 24-hour steak: did taste like it had been cooking for 24 hours since it was very tender and moist, though with the P950 supplement charge.. we just weren’t sure the size was well worth the money.

My order: the lamb ribs with gnocchi. We thought this was probably one of the better dishes of the night, taste and quantity wise. Was very satisfied with this dish. The lamb was tender and the gnocchi pasta was cooked perfectly.

And on to the DESSERT: the best one, we all agreed, was mine again 🙂 It was the brioche bread pudding with bits of bacon. This actually came with a chocolate sorbet that was also sprinkled lovingly with some more bacon bits then drizzled with some maple syrup:

Other comments: the place is quite small so reservations are highly recommended. It was purposely styled not to be an intimidating place to eat at and that I think they pulled that off quite well considering the food might be considered as so.

The Goose Station Signature Restaurant Inc.– Ground Floor, W Tower
39th St., Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines
Telephone: +632 556 9068


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