Baking with Friends

If you’ve read my ‘About Me’ page, I mentioned that I don’t have a full range oven at my Manila condo. I only bake when I’m in the province. But when my friend Holly sent me a link of a cupcake recipe that just had to be made, I knew I had to bring my supplies back to Manila and make it with her. At her house, of course, where they have a nice oven and not just an oven toaster like mine šŸ˜¦

The recipe? Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes. A chocolate chip cupcake with a cookie dough filling and cookie dough-like frosting. HEAVEN. I didn’t want to stop with just that because I wanted to maximize baking in Manila with friends so I decided to make another recipe that I’ve been eying for a while: Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yes, a cookie inside another cookie. An Oreo cookie inside a soft, chewy chocolate chip cookie. I WANTED TO MARRY THE COOKIE.

Holly wasn’t the only one who wanted to help out. Turns out her sister Bianca, as she said, was an aspiring rapping baker? Haha. Don’t even ask. When she found out I was coming over to bake, she got excited and even asked if she could be my apprentice. Why, of course! While baking, Holly’s mom even helped out filling the cupcake liners before they went in for baking.

Sad to say, we didn’t really have time to take a picture of the finished cupcakes with the frosting and the filling inside. We had to get ready to go out (yes, I have a life outside work and baking!) Please just take our word for it when we say, these were delicious. All the components of the cupcake tasted like a cookie. The cupcake itself. The cookie dough filling. The frosting even tasted like cookie dough! Just. Amazing. Check the link for the recipe to see what the cupcakes could have looked like.

As for the cookie. I decided to use mini Oreo cookies instead of full size ones as suggested in one of the comments from the source of the recipe. It was just the perfect size. I actually also brought some mini Reese’s cups to stuff in the cookies but also didn’t have enough time to make them.. I’m thinking there’s a part two to this! Plus, I’m already planning to stuff cookies with other things.. please suggest interesting fillings for me šŸ™‚

UPDATE: A picture of the cupcake! I was so happy when Holly sent me a picture of a cupcake after Bianca finished filling and frosting the rest. Great job Biancs!


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