Shake Shack- The BEST burger I’ve ever had

A bit of a background story on the trip: When I was still studying back in the States, I would regularly (once or twice every year) go and visit a couple of friends in New York. It was Thanksgiving again so it was time to go back. The 2009 break was memorable since my brother, who was on his first semester at the school I attended, went with me. We were very excited since we like to think we’re somewhat of a foodie pair 🙂

A bit of a background on the family business: Our main focus- burgers. We make and sell other types of food but we are a burger company. Mom was a bored housewife who started handcrafting burgers and it eventually turned into this business that currently supports our lives. Yep, we are serious about burgers! This line of business has pushed my family to discover the different ways of preparing this perfect match between a bun and a patty that we call the burger. Check out my ‘About Me’ page for more!

Going back to the New York trip, it was a no-brainer that one of our stops would be Shake Shack. We both have heard so much about this place and it has always intrigued us. “Yeah, you can go online and see how long the line is because they installed a camera.” ; “The meat is delicious. It’s deliciously deadly.” These were just some of the remarks I heard. So yes, I am easily convinced, it was time for me to try it.

There we were venturing off to Madison Square Park. It was a cold, cold day in the city. And a fatty burger was just what we needed to keep our bodies warm. We got there and..

Yes, the line was long!

While waiting for our turn to order, we studied the menu. My brother was so hungry he thought he could go through the B-line which I think was only for those who wanted frozen custard or shakes.

FINALLY we feast!

Our friend’s mom, Auntie Helen, and I got the single cheeseburger while my brother, the pig, either got the double cheeseburger or the Shack Stack- the ‘Shroom burger on top of a cheeseburger (probably the latter). My brother and I split a strawberry shake too.

The verdict: DELICIOUS! To start, the bun was really good. It was a nice looking piece of bread, golden brown on the outside and had just the right amount of bite to it. The MEAT was the star. Excellent quality ground beef, perfectly seasoned but mostly relied on it’s own natural beefy flavor. Awesome.

Happy. Full. Cold (notice the area heaters) . But happy full. Had some fat stored inside me, it was now time to shop (aka burn some calories).

Shake Shack. Southeast corner of Madison Square Park near Madison Avenue and E. 23rd St. Hours: 11am-11pm. Phone: 212-889-6600.


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