The Tale of Two Cupcakes

Last Thursday, I made two types of cupcakes. Lemon Curd Cupcakes and Snickers Cupcakes.

Why the Lemon Cupcakes: My friend TJ had been requesting these from me and a fellow baker friend, Jym for a while now. I’ve also actually been craving something tart, a break from the recent chocolate/vanilla combo I’ve been consuming for the past month..

The result: these were pretty good but I would have wanted a fluffier and lighter texture from the cupcakes instead of dense. The lemon curd was the star. I actually made it for a good 45 minutes with a makeshift double boiler using a Pyrex bowl on top of a small pot. I was starting to think that it wouldn’t cook and thicken but with patience, it cooperated and perfection was achieved. The lemon flavor was definitely there. HAPPY. 🙂

Changes made: Since TJ requested really tart cupcakes, I actually put in a teaspoon of lemon extract in the batter. I also had a hard time piping in the lemon curd filling so mine ended up being lemon curd frosting (if there’s such a thing)!

Why the Snickers Cupcakes: my brother’s fiancee’s birthday. She and I had a good talk about chocolates (which we both gave up for lent, she was successful, I failed miserably) two weeks ago. She mentioned she loves Snickers and just can’t resist them. I knew her birthday was coming up so being the thoughtful person that I am, I knew I had to make her something with Snickers.

Yup, those are chopped Snickers inside

The result: the chocolate cupcake base was really good. I actually thought these were the best ones I’ve made so far. Once refrigerated though, the texture of the cake becomes more set and compact, wasn’t necessarily bad, still moist. As I said, these were Snickers FILLED cupcakes and the caramel Snickers filling inside was really nice, surprisingly not sweet at all.

Changes made: I didn’t make the caramel frosting as stated in the recipe. I made my own concoction of Nutella and caramel frosting. Sorry, no recipe for this. I basically eyeballed some powdered sugar, milk, caramel (from the recipe) and Nutella. It was way more Nutella than any of the other ingredients, that’s for sure. 😉 I also didn’t top these off with more Snickers since I thought there was already a lot going on but seriously, what was I thinking? You can’t have too many Snickers. I will put them on the next time I make these!

The cupcake with the made up frosting

A PART II: Check back next week for another ‘Baking with Friends’ post since I will be redoing the Lemon Curd Cupcakes with Jym. Coincidentally, she was already planning to make these when I told her I was making them. I gave her a couple so she could taste how they turned out. She liked them but we’re going to experiment with the same recipe and see if we can achieve the fluffy texture that we both want.

  1. Yummy! These look great! I bet the Nutella and caramel frosting tasted incredible! 🙂

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