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I adore cupcakes. I love making them and more so eating them. Just take a look at my archives since I started my blog. 3 out of 7 posts were about me making cupcakes. Rarely do I eat store bought cupcakes anymore since I’ve been making my own. So I definitely miss going to cute cupcake stores and trying unique flavors like how I used to back in the states. During my trips to the Big Apple, I almost always made sure that I got my cupcake fix.

I’ve always heard of Magnolia Bakery from the Food Network and have read about it on food blogs and articles. My first visit back in the city after a long time was around my sophomore year in college and I told myself that it was time to take a visit to the store and find out just how great these cupcakes really are. I don’t think I have pictures from that first visit but I remember I had their red velvet cupcakes and they were delicious. It was the first time I had whipped vanilla frosting. It even tasted like marshmallow frosting! Really good. Here’s an actual time I got to take a picture of Magnolia cupcakes. These were from my Thanksgiving 2009 trip with my brother. Please pardon the quality. It was taken right before eating at Sake Bar Hagi when we were starving and had to resort to eating dessert before dinner šŸ˜¦

Magnolia cupcakes

It was during a summer visit to the city that I came across Crumbs Bake Shop. A lady crossing the street around Union Square was holding a bag that was quite attractive. What was so attractive about it? Well, it was a bag of boxed cupcakes. I tried to follow her for a little bit longer. Trying not to be a creep as much as possible, I just wanted to get a closer look of the bag to see the name of the store where she got the delicious looking cupcakes peeking through the plastic boxes. And then I saw it” Crumbs Bake Shop” with a silly looking jester juggling cupcakes as their logo. I wasn’t able to try their cupcakes until a year and half later, fast forwarding again to November 2009…

My brother, a fellow cupcake addict

MY CHOICE: Crumbs cupcakes. Surprised? I was too. With Magnolia cupcakes, I was always left unsure whether I was impressed or not. Aside from the red velvet, I tried the classic vanilla cupcake with chocolate and vanilla frostings and the chocolate cupcake also with both types of frostings. Their red velvet is definitely something special but the other cupcakes didn’t leave that same effect on me. They were actually a little bit dry so I was disappointed. I’ve always gone back to get Magnolia cupcakes thinking that the last trip must not have been a good one but it was still the same result each time šŸ˜¦

Crumbs cupcakes are HUGE. They are satisfyingly huge. I prefer these over Magnolia’s since their cupcakes are so moist and flavorful. I’ve only gone to get cupcakes from them twice and I would crave for more each and every time.

Red Velvet & Chocolate Coconut

MY SUGGESTION: go try other cupcake stores out there. I’m sure there are lots more. If I lived in New York, I would probably go on this quest to find the best cupcakes in town. Maybe all you have to do is follow a lady holding a bag or box of cupcakes or it might even be easier just to ask. šŸ™‚ Think you’ve had the best cupcakes in New York or from another city? Please comment and share!

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  1. Frank said:

    Living in NYC? We’ll get a family apartment in a few years time when we make it BIGGER. Love you achi!

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