Jacques Torres Chocolates

Being the true foodie that he is, my brother bought a copy of the 2010 edition of the New York Zagat before our NYC trip. While people create itineraries that include going to the MET or up the Empire State Building, my brother and I created a list of restaurants we wanted to check out. And the Zagat guide was our bible.

Chocoholic: A person who is addicted to or excessively fond of chocolate. That is the first google search result for the definition of the word. My brother and I, BIG chocoholics. When my brother saw the Jacques Torres chocolate store in the Zagat, it was an automatic item on the list of places to visit. Who is Jacques Torres? I used to watch his show, Chocolate with Jacques Torres. He created the best chocolate and candy pieces so I’ve always been a fan.

As mentioned in my other posts about this particular NYC trip, the weather that time was chilly. We’ve heard so much about the hot chocolate from this place that we knew it was the chocolate blanket we needed that afternoon. We got there and we thought we just stepped inside chocolate heaven. The aroma of the place was just unmistakably familiar and comforting.

no wonder, the chocolate factory is inside the store! btw, I love autumn inspired decor

We knew we couldn’t order just the hot chocolate. So we ordered a box of chocolates and a chocolate chip cookie that was famous as well.

choosing the chocolates. it was a hard task indeed.

the BEST hot chocolate I've ever had

If you’re wondering about the flavors of the chocolates, I did a little research. I couldn’t find all of the ones we bought that day but the Jacques Torres chocolate website has flavor descriptions for their dark chocolate varieties.

Jacques Torres Chocolates. 350 Hudson St. New York. 212.414.2462


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