Sake Bar Hagi

It was a really cold November ’09 night in NYC. The whole day was spent walking around the city and sightseeing. We were starving. All we wanted to do was eat at the nearest place we could seek shelter and warmth from the cold weather outside. My friend, Aldrich suggested that we eat at Sake Bar Hagi since it was the nearest place relative to our current location.

First thoughts- a sake bar? Would there be good food there or just bar food? There’s a long wait, must be good. But we’re starving. Then again, it was also cold outside. Next thoughts- ok, we’ll wait. It’s warmer where we were compared to being outside and the food did seem pretty interesting. So we stayed and waited.. LONG. FYI, you don’t want to see me hungry:

When we finally got a table, we ordered right away. I remember the very short amount of time that lasted between the food being set on our table and us eating. As evidence, I only got to take pictures of three dishes we had that night even though I’m pretty sure we ordered more.

Fermented Soybean Wrapped with fried tofu (Sorry, this picture isn't clear at all)

Good balance between crunchy fried outside and the tender inside of the tofu.

Spaghetti with bacon, onion, green pepper and ketchup

Very interestingly delicious! I never knew you could eat your spaghetti with ketchup. Should have thought about this dish when i was broke back in college.

Fried Rice w/ spicy cod roe

Probably one of the most memorable fried rice dishes I’ve had so far. The cod roe takes the it to a whole other level and the flavor it gives to the rice was just magnificent. I became a fish roe fan from then on.

A cold, hungry night ended with us satisfied and full with Japanese food from Sake Bar Hagi. I’d want to come back to this place and try the other items on their menu, hopefully soon!

Sake Bar Hagi. 152 W. 49th St., New York, NY. Near Seventh Ave. 212-764-8549.


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