Schnipper’s Sloppy Joe (Bobby Flay Throwdown Competitor)

After getting our chocolate fix from Jacques Torres chocolates, my brother and I headed over to Broadway to watch Phantom of the Opera. Throughout the 4 years that I lived in the states, I’ve watched a show almost each and every time I came back to New York. I’ll provide a list of the shows I’ve watched at the end of this post so feel free to ask me about my opinion if you’re planning to watch a play or musical during your next trip to any city that offers good entertainment.

We were so tired from a whole day of walking (and eating) around the city that sadly, we fell asleep for most of the play 😦 If it wasn’t for the box of chocolates we bought that afternoon, we wouldn’t have had the sugar high help we desperately needed to stay awake!

When we got out of the Majestic Theater, we were starving. We decided to eat dinner after the show and it ended around 9 or 10pm. So we were lucky enough to stumble upon a familiar sign: Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen. How was it familiar? My brother and I remembered watching a Throwdown! with Bobby Flay episode where their sloppy joe was challenged. Even though Bobby Flay won that throwdown challenge, we were excited to try it and find out what made it so special that it became a throwdown competitor.

The place. I thought this restaurant was very cute. It was like a combination of a modern take on the classic diner and a fast food restaurant. The menu board was up on their wall. Everything in big, bold font. You order at the front counter and you wait until your buzzing device goes off to know when your order is ready for pick-up.

The food. We ordered two sloppy joes, mac and cheese and sloppy fries. I honestly have to say that it was my first time in a really long time to have a sloppy joe. Being the true Pinoy that I am, I admit that I craved for a sweeter blend from the ground meat sauce. I would have preferred something similar to our local chili con carne taste. It was very meaty and maybe not enough bread to hold everything together. Although I do realize that they were going for the classic prep of a sloppy joe where a normal bun is used. The mac and cheese was delicious, made special by the bread crumbs on top that gave it added texture and flavor. The same meat sauce was used for the sloppy fries. I love cheese so the big puddle of cheese on top made it more special.

MY OPINION. We understood why Bobby Flay won the throwdown challenge against Schnipper’s. Their food is good but nothing spectacular. Maybe if we got to try other items on their menu. I kept ogling the different types of mac and cheese. They also have other sandwiches and burgers. MMmmm…Maybe next time!

Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen. 620 8th Ave, New York. 212-921-2400.

As promised.. the shows I’ve watched:
-Beauty and the Beast (NYC)
-Rent (NYC)
-Spamalot (NYC)
-Mary Poppins (NYC)
-Phantom of the Opera (NYC)
-Wicked (Chicago)
-Lion King (Las Vegas)


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