Baking with Friends II

Hello! Sorry.. I know it’s been a little over a week since my last post. I have been busy dealing with so many things lately that I’ve slacked off on my blogging, unfortunately. But I am back with my second baking with friends post. Please check out my first one if you haven’t yet!

Who is this friend that I’m introducing on appetite.for.sanity.? Why, it is my friend Jym! I’ve known her since grade school but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered she had the same passion for baking. Two weeks ago we finally got to bake together after so many of our plans to do this have consistently fell through!

We actually did two recipes but I’ll only be able to post pictures of one of them since we didn’t have time to take photos of the cupcakes made from the other recipe. Oh and please admire the pretty pictures of the cupcakes we made, taken by Jym’s boyfriend, Ian. I’m so happy to finally have gorgeous pictures on this blog!

The cupcakes: Earl Grey cupcakes and Lemon Curd cupcakes. If you remember my “Tale of Two Cupcakes” post, I already made lemon curd cupcakes and also mentioned that Jym and I wanted to try making them again. Well we did but we used another recipe. They turned out differently than what I expected. Take note that the recipe uses egg whites and I’m thinking that probably made the difference in texture. Jym liked them though. I thought they tasted like lemon puto. Hmm not necessarily a bad thing. And my mom liked how fresh and light tasting they were. But really, she’s my mom, she will like everything that I make. 🙂

We all loved the Earl Grey cupcakes. The cupcakes had a delicious almond aroma (thanks to the almond extract). We both thought the earl grey flavor could have been stronger. Maybe we can use more teabags next time. I also liked how the cupcakes had this chewy almost caramel like flavor/texture combination to them. It was definitely a unique taste but GOOD unique!

Look at how adorable these turned out. Jym made the frosting get to this nice lilac/lavender color and even made these pretty fondant rosettes. SHE IS AMAZING. She truly is! Though, it really bugged her that they could have looked prettier with a touch of green for the leaves. Too bad we didn’t have time to make green royal icing to pipe on next to the little roses. I can see why we’re friends.. I detect baking OCD. 😀 Well I thought they looked perfect. Jym even topped a few with some edible silver beads. They looked even better than the pictures from the website!

I’m pretty sure there will be another baking with friends post with Jym. We already have too many recipes we want to try making together and even talked about taking on the challenge of finding the best lemon cupcake recipe. So please watch out for the next one!


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