Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes *an experiment*

I always tell myself that it’s time to play around with recipes and use techniques I’ve learned from experience to come up with something I can somewhat call ‘my own creation’. So that is what I did with this one. I’ve been wanting to recreate the strawberry cupcake for a while now. I attempted to make some two weeks ago and they were a complete failure… That is why I didn’t even bother writing about it. It was a horrible and heartbreaking experience. But even though I was feeling defeated, I gave it another try.

I used a basic white cake recipe to experiment with as a base for the cupcake. Then my own touch.. A delicious combination of cream cheese, powdered sugar and strawberry jam. The strawberry jam was bought during a trip to Baguio. Yep, people familiar with Baguio should know about the Good Shepherd strawberry jam. I love how there are chunks of strawberries in there! I actually already used more than half of the jar when I made a strawberry swirl white chocolate cheesecake a couple months back but I haven’t been able to use up the rest since then. So there it was, sitting in the fridge, I had to finish it.

So I combined 4oz (half a block) of cream cheese, around 1.5 cups of powdered sugar and close to third of a cup of strawberry jam. I’m sorry. I know baking should be more precise. But I’m such a newbie with this experimental baking so forgive me! I mixed this in the white cake batter which I reduced the sugar content to quarter of a cup since there was enough sweetness from the strawberry cream cheese mixture.

The frosting. Of course there was frosting! I also just made this one up. I used a quarter cup (or half a stick) of butter, 1 cup of powdered sugar and a quarter teaspoon of McCormick’s pink colored strawberry flavor. The result was surprisingly awesome. The strawberry flavor was there and a pretty pink hue so delicate but impressionable was achieved.

I’d say this wasn’t such a bad experiment.. definitely a lot better than my nightmare of an attempt the first time! The cupcakes turned out fluffy and light. The frosting was creamy and flavorful. I’m thinking if I keep practicing enough, maybe there will come a time that I can come up with my own recipes.. someday! I am hopeful 🙂


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