Pizzas from NYC

New York City is known for many things. Broadway. Times Square. Central Park. Oh and yes, its food. One of the foods the city is known for is pizza. It all started when immigrants from Europe brought the idea over to the island. The famous characteristics of the NYC pizza: thin and flexible (easily folded in half). What is the secret behind this crust? It’s been said that it has something to do with the water used for making the dough. Something that is only found in New York and thus makes it their own. If you want to know more about NYC pizzas, there are several articles online that will give you more information. There are very interesting facts that you might have never known about this dish!

Tasting the original– So they say that the first pizza in New York was from Lombardi’s. There are still debates about this issue to this day and loyalties have been formed depending on which version of history you want to believe. As for me, I just believe in appreciating food regardless of its background story. During Thanksgiving break of 2007, I got to try Lombardi’s and my expectations weren’t disappointed. I believe we ordered a sausage and mushroom pie. It was delicious. The aroma filled the whole restaurant which made us suffer through a really long wait but our hunger was satisfied once we feasted.

The NEW York Pizza– Since the creation of the classic New York pizza, it has gone through several changes, constantly evolving catering to the newer, younger and more adventurous eaters of the city. One perfect example of such trend is Artichoke pizza. Don’t like artichokes? Don’t be so quick to judge your vegetables.. This fantastic creation was introduced to me and my brother during our trip back in 2009. We were very skeptical about going to a place named “Artichoke” but soon were surprised to see that it was actually packed.. which is usually a good sign.

After a couple of bites of the pizza, we understood why this place is worth taking a trip to in the middle of the night. It was something we’ve never tasted from a pizza before- literally like spinach artichoke dip on a pizza. GENIUS.

These are just some of the pizzas I’ve tried around the city that have left such good impressions on me. Have you tried any other amazing pizzas from New York? Share away! 🙂


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