Doughnut Plant and Tres Leches

Hey Guys.. So this will probably be my last New York Tasty Travel post until the next time I get to go back and visit the city.. I don’t know when that will be. There are no current plans for me to go back to the States. Plus, I have to apply for a visa. My mom keeps bugging me about it. I think it’s about time so I can use some of my saved up miles to go back!

For this post, I really wanted to talk about the Doughnut Plant. I discovered it while watching another Throwdown with Bobby Flay episode It was then that I learned of the existence of the TRES LECHES doughnut. After knowing that they made such a creation, I just knew I had to get my hands on one.

I LOVE Tres Leches cake. A coworker of mine from when I was working at a library back at school told me about this cake. It intrigued me. A three milk cake you say? Cake and milk. To be specific, cake soaked in three kinds of milk (condensed, evaporated, half-and-half). I mean, that does sound like a good combination. And it is. Though a popular Latin American dessert, I actually first had it in Manila at Circles, Shangri-la Makati (a must try!). After tasting it, I knew I just added another cake flavor to my favorites.

Anyway, going back to Doughnut Plant. I was lucky enough to try the Tres Leches doughnut at a stopover in Seoul en route to Manila. It was delicious. Nothing like I’ve never tasted. The doughnut cake, which you would expect to be dry and compact, was filled with creamy milk (I’m guessing a lot of condensed). This gave the doughnut such a good contrast in texture and a boost in flavor and sweetness. This is one doughnut not for the faint-hearted.


I wasn’t satisfied though. I really wanted to get this doughnut from the actual store in NYC. So it was an automatic place to go to during our ’09 trip. From our friends’ place where we were crashing, the store was a pretty far journey. Good thing by then, I’ve learned to take the subway. After what seemed like several train transfers and walking opposite directions, we finally got there.

This place already had a good following and famous name. You can see the evidence on their walls. You can only purchase the doughnuts here. Space is very limited for in-store dining. The bakery was based there, too. My brother got to take a picture of it but was threatened by the co-owner that he would be fined if he didn’t stop!

I hope you forgive me for not being able to take individual photos of the doughnuts we bought that day! I don’t know what happened (we ate them right away).. All I can really say from this trip was it was a good reunion for me and the Tres Leches doughnut. I think I almost cried when I took a bite of it.

Doughnut Plant. 379 Grand Street, NY. 212-505-3700.

P.S. I stumbled upon a Doughnut Plant while on a trip in Tokyo (no Tres Leches flavor though- sad). Yes, they have this in Korea and Japan. So take note of this the next time you travel to these places if you don’t plan on going to NYC anytime soon!


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