Taking a Break

Hey Guys. So I’m planning to go on a baking hiatus… for how long exactly? Well I’m thinking 3 weeks. I’m hoping to lose some weight before my brother’s wedding on July 23rd. Why would I give up baking just for this wedding? Two words: corset dress. Yup, I have to wear this corset dress that literally fits like a glove. I really have no room to breathe in it. I don’t even know how I’ll be able to eat on the day of 😦

I’m going to take this time to catch up on publishing the posts I have saved as drafts. They keep on piling up and I guess this hiatus is an opportunity for me to finish revising so I can finally post them. Watch out for more Tasty Travel posts as well as Manila Eating ones. I know I haven’t been able to write on any Manila eats since my first one so keep an eye out for some new posts on that! I’m actually also thinking I can get back on my cooking, too.. Maybe write cooking posts on healthy recipes I can try out while on this very last minute weight loss challenge!

So to my family and friends who I give my baked goods to, sorry you won’t be getting some anytime soon.. well not for another 3 weeks or so! 🙂 I’ll make sure to post pictures from the wedding, of me and the food. Please just pray I fit into the dress!


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