The Chicago Deep Dish Pizza *a Tribute Post*

My first sick day ever.. I really don’t get sick too often so this is the first time I’m missing work today.. well, not completely since our office is just right downstairs and I’ve actually given instructions for work to be brought up to me when needed. Yes, I’m baller that way. Therefore, I’m going to take this time to finally post something though, so read on!

Chicago. Known for the home of the Chicago Bulls, the team of the legendary Michael Jordan. The crazy weather of course- labeled the ‘Windy City’, Chicago is definitely a place you wouldn’t want to be in during the winter. I, for one, don’t miss the weather at all. I love where I am now, in my tropical, full of sunshine (well not currently since it’s rainy season) motherland. Back to the list.. there’s Oprah in Chicago (which I never got to watch live by the way..) Oh! And yes, deep dish pizza! If this intro sounds familiar, you’ve probably read my NYC Pizza post.

This post was a no-brainer since deep dish pizza is a Chicago essential. It’s just one of those types of food that you associate with the city. There’s an interesting story behind this dish. It’s always funny to think how the famous restaurants that serve these all fought over the title of ‘original inventor’. I think as long as you consistently strive to serve the best food out there, being the original shouldn’t matter so much. I don’t know, that’s my opinion. Read up on your deep dish pizza if you want to know more! So where do you get the BEST deep dish pizza this side of town?? Well continue on as I share my thoughts!

I’ve based my rankings on two criteria points: crust ‘hulkness’ and filling ‘BAM!ness’

CRUST ‘HULKNESS’ (CH): good buttery flavor, flaky crust with strong capacity to hold delicious pizza filling (not soggy). A deep dish pizza is just that, pizza baked in a deeper pan which means a relatively higher crust that acts as a wall to hold up the filling inside.

FILLING ‘BAM!NESS'(FB): explosion of flavor that permits a party in one’s mouth. In a deep dish pizza, the usual toppings are doubled, some even tripled in quantity to fill in a deeper crust making this the authentic pizza PIE.

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#3 UNO’S PIZZA: This was probably the first Chicago deep dish pizza I’ve ever had. I first had this way back, before I was even a freshman, when I did my campus tour back in May 2006. This pizza is very rich. (CH): I remember their crust tasting so buttery that you would feel full just from eating a slice. The butteriness of it automatically brought in the flakiness factor. The crust was sturdy enough to hold the filling but I personally found it too thick and heavy for my taste. (FB): the filling was very flavorful. Quality of the ingredients was up to par. Amount of cheese- VERY cheesy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m obsessed with cheese but it became too much that it might have not given the flavors of the other ingredients an opportunity to shine through.

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#2 Giordano’s: taking it from someone who’s not a Chicago native, Giordano’s pizza might just be one of the more famous deep dish pizza names out there. I’ve heard about this pizza way before I even planned on going to school in Illinois. I’ve had this pie several times but my most memorable one was during Spring break of 2007. How was it memorable? My cousin Carlene, who was attending Cornell University came to visit to spend her break with me. Along with some other friends from school, we decided to tour around the city but it was lunch at Giordano’s first.

The gang!


Really confused as to where it all went.

On my review- (CH): I honestly feel that their crust could be more buttery and flaky. I’ve also always thought that their crust tends to become soggy once filled with the toppings. What I like about their crust compared to Uno’s is that it’s not as heavy as the latter’s. (FB): I’m usually not disappointed with how Giordano’s prepares their toppings. The spinach is usually a favorite order of mine for the simple reason that the main ingredient becomes the star of the dish. Sausage is another crowd pleaser as their sausage is perfectly seasoned, not overly salty as some may tend to be.

#1 Lou Malnati’s: Now for my favorite deep dish pizza! I first had Lou Malnati’s during a trip to Chicago with some friends. I loved it so much that I decided to introduce this to my family when they came for my graduation. (CH): the crust is buttery, flaky, delicious BUT LIGHT. I KNOW. How can something buttery be light? I don’t know but at Lou Malnati’s they’re experts of the trick. (FB): the filling. Oh delicious filling. I love that it’s not just a pie of cheese you have to swim your way into just to find the treasure bits of meats and vegetables. It’s always light and fresh tasting, you’d want to eat more! My review doesn’t really do this pie justice. It’s just that good that you must try it! 🙂

So how exactly is this a tribute post? A tribute to the deep dish pizza? Well not really.. but sure in some sense since I did just write a long post about it. BUT no. I’d like to dedicate this post to my cousin Carlene, who we lost almost 3 yrs ago. I miss you everyday cousin.. Always thinking of you!


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