Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I appreciate a good quick bread. If you’ve read my other bread baking posts (please refer to my categories list), you already know that I have trouble making yeast breads. Not only is it time consuming to make, it is also very difficult and I just don’t have the required skills and background (yet) to create such artisan looking, great tasting breads. So to solve my bread making frustrations, I rely on what I know more of- quick breads. Unfortunately, even though I’ve made other types of quick breads, I haven’t been able to take pictures of them so I won’t be blogging about them for now. But make sure to keep an eye out when I make the following again: date walnut bread and mango bread. 🙂

The bread that I was able to take pictures of is a peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread that I made several weeks back. I know the pictures are horrible. I baked up a storm that night and was too tired to take pictures of everything. I promise to work on the photos! Anyway, this bread doesn’t need a lot of explaining to convince you that it’s delicious. There’s peanut butter, chocolate and banana in it. The peanut butter flavor was certainly detectable. The banana added some natural sweetness and moisture to the bread. And chocolate. Oh well, chocolate was just a default ingredient. You must have chocolate. Actually, this reminds me of my chocolate banana cupcakes minus the peanut butter (*gasp! idea for another cupcake*). Please forgive this next picture. I was baking something else and turned around to see my bread being attacked by my hungry brothers. Judging from this photo, nobody seemed to have taught my eldest one how to cut a clean slice of bread. :/

Blurred around to focus on attack on the bread

  1. I would never think about putting all of these flavors into a bread recipe, but then I started thinking—I love banana and peanut butter sandwiches. I love chocolate with peantbutter. And I love chocolate-dipped bananas. Genius!

    • yeah why limit to just combining two flavors when you can combine all three! I usually start my research based on good flavor combos and what I have on hand. the possibilities are definitely endless 🙂

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