Peanut Butter Co.

I love peanut butter. Funny thing though, I used to hate it. I wasn’t a big fan of nuts at all when I was little. I hated them mixed with other things. On ice cream, brownies, other desserts. Ick. It wasn’t until freshman year of college that I learned to appreciate the peanut.. through peanut butter. I ate it almost everyday- pb&j’s, plain pb on white bread, on apples.. Yeah, now I think I know how I gained the “freshman 15” (more like 30..) When I started baking again after moving into my apartment, I started baking with nuts. Pecans. Walnuts. Almonds. Peanuts. From then on, my life changed. I was a nut in love.

I’m sure you remember my friend from Holly from my first baking with friends post.. Well she and I eat out a lot together. She’s the easiest to get together with since we live in the same city. “Holly, pick me up, I’m hungry..” She will be at my condo’s lobby in 10 minutes.. that is if she’s ready to go, maybe in an hour (or two) if she’s not. So when Holly found out about this place Peanut Butter Co. that serves unusually creative peanut butter sandwiches, we were sold. However, it took maybe a couple of months until we finally got to try the place. We thought their only branch was at SM North Edsa and well, we live in Makati, so it was going to be a pretty far drive. But through some miracle of a grapevine, we discovered that there was a branch at Paseo Center. After such great discovery, the next weekend I was back in Manila, we decided to have our late lunch there.

I was really excited to try this place out since it reminded me of a very similar establishment in New York, coincidentally named Peanut Butter & Co. (note the very slight difference in name). I’ve never been to the place but I’ve seen it featured on tv as well as have tasted their dark chocolate peanut butter that my roommate bought once. So now I was curious as to how similar this local peanut butter place is to the New York counterpart.

The menu. The sandwiches are divided into categories of “All-Time Favorites”, “Hot Sandwiches” and “Sweet Sandwiches”. I believe the link doesn’t show the comprehensive menu they have at their branches. There are a lot more sandwiches on their menu aside from the ones available through the link. Aside from their sandwiches, pastas and other snacks incorporating peanut butter were also offered. Our Awesome Planet provides a much more detailed picture of the menu as well as reviews on the other items. So with all this variety.. which ones to choose?? Holly said she was hungry and wanted to share three sandwiches. I was starving myself, so why not!

It was more economical to order whole sandwiches than halves of each kind so we had to choose wisely and agree on them. We thought we were smart to order from each category- the Elvis (an All-Time Favorite), the Sesame Fish Fry Sandwich (a Hot Sandwich) and the Marshmallow Peanut Butter Sandwich (a Sweet Sandwich). Holly was tempted to order wings.. she’s addicted to chicken wings! But I had to remind her that we already had three sandwiches and that if anything, the specialty should be exactly that, the sandwiches. We can try the other crazy dishes some other time!

We really thought the food wouldn’t be enough when they were served at our table. This is it?? We were soo hungry, we didn’t know if the sandwiches would fill us up. But they did. Oh yeah, they did. These sandwiches were made with huge slices of white bread and we should’ve figured that peanut butter would be heavy. We didn’t even finish a whole one of each. I think we only ate half of each sandwich.

The Elvis was probably the most filling since there were bananas and bacon in the sandwich. I would have preferred the bacon crispier and slightly sweeter.. maybe candied bacon would have worked well in this sandwich that would have given a better contrast against the natural saltiness of the peanut butter.

The Sesame Fish Fry was such a delightful surprise because I would never have expected such an odd combination to taste so well together. The fish was fried to perfection which I was worried it would be soggy, but I’m glad it was deliciously crispy! The sesame peanut butter used in the sandwich was a great touch since other flavors of peanut butter might be too overpowering for the fish.

The Marshmallow Peanut Butter was quite a disappointment. I love marshmallow fluff. And I guess I was expecting more flavor from this sandwich since I knew that it would be a challenge. Since marshmallow has a very distinct simple sweet flavor on its own, there’s always an opportunity to play around with it. I would have wanted layers of flavor.. maybe more of a vanilla flavor from the marshmallow which would in turn make the peanut taste stand out more.

Overall, there’s no question that these sandwiches are imaginative in concept. However, flavor wise, I think the peanut butter flavor could be stronger. My other friends have given me rave reviews regarding their other dishes such as their pastas. I’m pretty sure Holly and I will be back to try those sometime.. The store was similar to its New York city counterpart in that they sell all their flavored peanut butters. I was tempted to buy a jar but realized I probably should try their dishes first and see if I like them.

  1. Holly said:

    i forgot about the bbq wings! already thinking about what to order when we go back hahaha

    • we should try the pastas and yess… we will order your wings! 😀

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