Va Bene Pasta Deli

Why hello there people! Sorry I haven’t been posting anything for the past three weeks or so. It was the brother’s wedding two weeks ago and boy was it a crazy and stressful time for the family! I’ll make sure to post about the event and the food sometime soon. So here I am again, back on blogging mode. This is one of several Manila Eating posts lined up in my drafts folder and I figured now’s the time to publish this.

Another dinner with friends. Va Bene Pasta Deli. Where exactly? Well, it’s on the second floor of a Petron station complex. Pretty strange location don’t you think? Yes. The food though.. not strange at all but delicious. Yes delicious indeed. πŸ™‚

THE MENU. I got to scan this flier they had at the restaurant because they do deliver. Click on the picture to enlarge. More info about them here.


Stuffed Portobello with spinache, gruyere cheese and mixed lettuce: a good version compared to the usual style made with oregano stuffing which tends to overpower the natural flavor of the portobello mushroom.

Toscana soup with pancetta, maltagliati pasta and basil pesto: slightly on the saltier side maybe caused by the pancetta but still an overall good summery soup or perfect for a rainy day. The basil pesto was a nice touch that broke through the flavors of the tomato soup base.

Buffalo Mozzarella with tomatoes, capers, anchovies and mixed lettuce in balsamic reduction: the mozzarella cheese was fresh tasting and creamy delicious! It just melts in your mouth… The balsamic reduction brought the whole dish together and added so much flavor.

Organic Eggs Tagliolini with Portobello mushroom, white wine cream sauce and truffle oil: can’t really complain about this dish. For one, it has truffle oil and I’m a sucker for the stuff. The bite of the fresh pasta was just what I was expecting. The white wine cream sauce was on the lighter side, which I was happy about since some cream sauces tend to cross the line towards becoming the consistency of bechamel 😦

Rolled Spinach Canelloni with smoked ham and light tomato cream sauce: this was such a treat. The dish is baked which gives the top a wonderful cheesy crust which contrasted well with the creaminess from the sauce and spinach filled canelloni.

Prawn Capellacci in prawn bisque, fresh tomatoes and basil: if you’re into raviolis then you are going to appreciate this capellacci. What I love about filled pastas is that you just know you’re in for a surprise. And this one was certainly pleasant.. distinct prawn flavor inside the pasta as well as in the prawn bisque sauce. The basil puree/oil drizzled around the plate definitely had a purpose of breaking through the one note seafood flavor.

And there you go. Our dining experience at Va Bene. The place is quite small so reservations are highly recommended. Come earlier since everything is made fresh, most dishes might be gone later during the night.. We learned that the hard way when we were saddened by the news that they were out of pizzas for the night. That and probably the slow service were our only disappointments. So I guess we will have to go back for that pizza! πŸ™‚

Va Bene Pasta Deli
2nd Floor, Petron Gas Station, Edsa Corner Pasay Road,
Dasmarinas, Makati City
(Across Dusit Hotel, Edsa side)
5569442 or 09173456869


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