The Wedding Reception

The saddest thing happened. I accidentally deleted pictures from my brother’s wedding reception. I promised a post on this where I’d share my thoughts on the food but I’m so sorry that this had to happen. Luckily, I was able to steal pictures of some of the food from my cousin. I will make sure to give him credit 🙂

Wedding reception food. It’s really not the type of food people look forward to eating. Just like airplane food. It’s one of those meals where you really have no choice but to eat what’s in front of you, especially if it’s a sit down dinner rather than a buffet. This time around, I actually had and made a choice. I was part of the menu tasting committee (yes, I made a committee name) that chose the dishes for the occasion.

The reception was held at the Sofitel. Just to give you a short version of how the tasting session went down: the couple gets sample menus, you choose 2-3 menu sets, schedule a tasting menu session with the manager/events coordinator of the hotel and choose. What I really liked about the whole system was the option to mix and match and suggest small variations of the dishes while still keeping the essence of the whole dish intact.

The menu.

Appetizer. New Asia Tuna Tartar, Yuzu dressing, crisp vegetables and Wakame cracker.- this dish reminds me of Japanese Tuna sashimi salad without the mayo. The tuna was fresh and the Yuzu dressing made the whole dish special, adding so much flavor to such a blank canvass.

Soup. Idaho potato and leek cappuccino. Shellfish and tomato dressing, feta walnut spring roll and basil oil.- I learned that a cappuccino soup basically is a cream based soup, usually with a frothy skin surface mimicking that of its coffee namesake. The basil oil was our suggestion during the tasting. It made such a huge difference, cutting through the creaminess of the soup with the sweetness from the basil.

The palate cleanser. Lemon and mint sorbet.- We were pretty disappointed with this one. We were so impressed with this palate cleanser during the tasting. At the reception though, the peppermint extract overpowered the whole sorbet that you can barely taste the lemon. If you don’t quite understand the picture, the sorbet is served on top of a bowl of dry ice to keep it from melting too quickly.

Main 1. Pan Seared Chilean Seabass, chive sauce with “Aglio-Olio”.- Seabass was cooked perfectly, leaving the fish flaky and juicy, allowing the natural richness of the fish to shine. The chive sauce was great addition and the aglio-olio pasta complemented the fish well.

Main 2. Peppered chicken fillet, red wine jus, potato gratin, vegetable bundle.- we were worried about this one since it’s usually the chicken or steak dishes that are easily ruined. Fortunately, this came out so juicy and tender. My favorite component of this dish: the potato gratin. Oh sweet heaven. This potato gratin, layers of thinly sliced potatoes, cream and cheese. Delicious.

Dessert. Fresh mango cheesecake with Greek yogurt ice cream and pistachio nuts.- this was a winner at the tasting and it still was at the actual reception. This cheesecake wasn’t too heavy. Sometimes I do prefer a rich cheesecake, compact with creamy cream cheese goodness. But this time around, with a heavy meal served, a dessert on the lighter side was just perfect.

Well, that was dinner! Sorry again to disappoint you as I lack the pictures to go with these descriptions. I hope people planning a wedding to be held at the Sofitel find this post helpful though. Just a reminder, quality is always variable from the time of tasting to the reception. Understand that quality is sometimes sacrificed to serve all the guests at each event. For my brother’s wedding, we had 800 guests. Considering that amount of people, I still think the overall dinner service was successful.

P.S. Don’t think I forgot to share my update on my weight loss journey of fitting into my bridesmaid dress. I’ve attached my brother’s wedding video here so you can go look for me. I think aside from dinner, I was pretty successful, too. 🙂 And thanks to my cousin Marc Lee for the pictures!

Congrats to my brother and sis-in-law! As my dad said at the reception, obviously intoxicated, time to make babies and he wants 8 of them! Good luck! 😀


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