Terry’s Selection in Salcedo

I’ve always wondered about Terry’s in Salcedo Village, Makati. I used to live on the same street on LP Leviste and would pass by the restaurant with their rather small sign barely being noticed by the public. The first time I was able to dine at the restaurant was earlier this year and was surprised to find out that they served Spanish food. Not knowing any background information, who would have thought that an establishment named “Terry’s” served Spanish food? But they do and they do quite a good job of it.

Reflecting on my first dining experience at Terry’s, I realized that I wasn’t really able to try their signature dishes. So I’m back with my fellow musketeers, my brother and Sam. I was expecting this culinary adventure trip to be an exciting one for us. I’ve also been curious about the gourmet items that they have for sale. If you go up to the very top level, they actually have a mini deli with more items such as truffle oils, Spanish almond cookies and olive oils. How convenient for their diners to know that their food must be made from the best quality ingredients such as those found in their store, huh?

On to their menu. As you can see, they have a wide range of selection for tapas and other Spanish influenced dishes. As my eyes wander up and down, examining the different items, I made a mental note to make sure to attempt to try as many of their appetizers as I possibly can. Maybe two or three each visit? Everything just sounded so heavenly. My curiosity started getting the best of me and I knew future visits were already on the horizon.

The orders.

Gambas al Ajillo– I always make sure to order this appetizer if offered. Such a classic Spanish tapas dish that one should never overlook.. One has got to see whether the balance of technique and tradition in terms of flavor is there. Garlic galore. This dish was light, thanks to the excellent quality of the olive oil.

Scallop and Prawn Croquettes– When I was younger, I had a phase where I was obsessed with croquettes. Those little balls of flavorful bechamel potato fritters always satisfied me. And now I see scallop and prawn in a croquette?? I just had to have it! Anndd.. was somewhat disappointed with the flavor. This was bland and lacked the seafood essence I was looking forward to. Oh well, I will try the other flavors next time!

Manchego Dumplings– Because I am a cheese lover. And definitely a Manchego cheese lover at that. This appetizer was a gift. And really they were. They looked like tiny little presents in their wonton pockets that I was almost too scared to cut open. But I put emphasis on the word ‘almost’ since of course, it didn’t take me long enough to dive in and relish the divine salty combination of the manchego cheese and salami.

Paella Negra– It wouldn’t be a complete Spanish cuisine experience without Paella. The musketeers and I always try to order Paella Negra. There is just something about the distinct flavor from the squid ink that makes the dish special. Terry’s version did not disappoint but it didn’t amaze us either. We would have preferred more flavor from the seafood and more paella crust from the bottom of the pan… every paella enthusiast should know what I’m talking about!

Super-Cochinillo Confit– *SIGH* literally, I sighed just now.. thinking about this dish.. really, you are going to be left speechless with this dish. OK, everyone has to know this cochinillo is a WINNER. It is soo tender, it had just the right amount of crisp from the pork skin. The fat. The fat is even delicious. I have no words again. And that Muscobado syrup.. the whole dish was just ‘Super’, its name very fitting to its actual taste. Just go and order this!

Marquesa de Chocolate– Come dessert time, we weren’t really sure if we even wanted to order any given the quantity we just had for dinner. No regrets of ordering this even though we were ready to burst because there’s always room for chocolate. It is somewhat tricky to describe this dish because we didn’t really know what it was. It was basically like a frozen chocolate pudding. Really rich, really satisfying. Since it was frozen, it allowed for the dinner to end on a surprisingly refreshing note after such heaviness was consumed.

Terry’s Selection
G/F Lafayette Square, Salcedo Village
Makati City
(02) 889-3198


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