To Those Concerned

Here is my first post definitely not food related. For those of you concerned about my facebook status from earlier today, if you assumed it’s of medical reasons, then you are correct. Throughout today, I’ve been so touched by all the text and private messages I received showing genuine concern that they made me realize I shouldn’t be ashamed or scared to tell people about my condition.

It all started last December when I noticed symptoms of excessive thirst and frequent urination. I would drink more than 20 glasses of water a day and urinate close to around the same amount of times. The doctors suspected diabetes insipidus which I never even knew existed- diabetes that was not blood sugar related. I had to go through a 24 hour water deprivation test last February to find out whether it was psychogenic (psychological) or one of two kinds of diabetes insipidus: central where you lack antidieuretic hormones (ADH) or nephrogenic where you have the hormones but your kidneys don’t respond to it. Through the test, I was diagnosed with Central DI.

Since the ADH comes from the pituitary gland of the brain, the next step was to find the cause for my deficiency of the hormone, an MRI for my brain had to be administered. And there you go. It was from the MRI that we found out that I have a brain tumor. They are calling it a pituitary adenoma.

The specs of my pituitary adenoma:
1) benign – YEY!
2) macro- hmmm?
3) size- 1.0 x 1.2 x 0.8 cm (thus considered macroadenoma)
4) non secreting- does not secrete any hormones- YEY?
-not really.. since it is non secreting, we cannot cure it through oral medication. the only approach would be surgery
5) causing vision problems?- none yet.. but my vision is expected to cut in half that is why I was tested for my peripheral vision at 30 and 60 degrees- both normal- YEY!

AT THE MOMENT: my DI is being controlled since I’m on medication. Doctors here in Manila (Endocrinologists, Neuros, Neuro-Surgeons) are all fighting over my case since they have told me that it is a rare condition. They have all presented me to their corresponding committees and conferences for several opinions- all basically wanting to solve my case and have this published in medical books. I really don’t mind this.. I would be glad if this could help someone who might go through the same situation in the future.

CURRENT PROPOSAL FOR TREATMENT: transsphenoidal surgery.

NEXT STEP: Singapore. For another opinion, an overall repeat of check-ups and just to get some peace of mind.

So I’m leaving tomorrow morning and I decided I needed to write this post before I leave just to explain. I felt so much love and care from the people that matter to me today. It made me feel stronger and realized that I’m not alone in this. Things happen for several reasons and if anything, this experience made me stop and reflect on so many aspects of my life. I know I have to be strong because I have so much to look forward to. Precious is definitely not going anywhere just yet 🙂


  1. Praying for you Precious!

    • thanks so much Gill!

  2. Rachel said:

    Hey Presh,

    I was surprised to read about this! I had no idea you had this condition! I’ll be praying for a successful operation, I’m sure everything will pull through. It’s obvious that you have a lot of people behind you as well, let me add myself to that list. 🙂 Good luck!! 🙂


    • thank you so much!

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