Black Sesame Cupcakes with Green Tea Cream Cheese Frosting


I’ve had black sesame paste and green tea matcha powder that my parents bought in Japan sitting on my kitchen counter for months now. Thank goodness none of them have been opened nor exposed. I used both ingredients in separate ice cream flavors a couple weeks ago and wanted to replicate the flavor profile in a cupcake (still a sucker for them!)

It wasn’t that hard to find a cupcake recipe with this flavor combination but I decided on trying out this one from Delicious Coma. I liked how the recipe used both black sesame paste and toasted black sesame, which I thought would intensify the flavor. I don’t have a spice grinder so I ground the seeds the old fashioned way, with a mortar and pestle. I had to be patient with this step. You can’t grind too much at once or else everything will just go flying out of your mortar.

My tweaks: Nothing with the cupcake recipe. With the green tea cream cheese frosting: I used close to a tablespoon (3 tsp) of green tea powder and lessened the powdered sugar to 1/2 cup. I think this was a good choice. The tang of the cream cheese and the green tea flavor really came through.

Cupcake result: The cupcake was nice and moist but dense. I’m more of a light and fluffy cupcake type of gal (maybe so I can eat more?) From my baking experience, which hasn’t been that long, if you want fluffy and light cupcakes, your batter should be more of the dissolved kind- using vegetable oil instead of butter and incorporating boiled water with milk. Milk was used in the recipe but if you want a richer cupcake, try using buttermilk (always easy to make your own by just adding lemon juice or vinegar to your milk). However, this all depends on the recipe.

It was a pretty decent cupcake in general. Try the recipe out if you can get your hands on these ingredients for an out-of-the-ordinary cupcake experience 🙂


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