I’m Frank, Precious’ little brother. A native of the beautiful Philippine Islands, I am born from a mix of Chinese Dim sum, Filipino Adobo, and a little teaspoonful of Spanish Paella by blood. From this vibrant synthesis of cultures, my love for food, or anything related to it, emerged.

Born in a family that loves to travel and eat (of course), I am lucky enough to sample the unique cuisines of different cultures around the globe. This great fortune has given me the ability to discern, interpret, and appreciate food in all of its natural glory. However, I am neither a culinary expert nor a food guru; I am just a person who loves to eat.

With my big appetite, my handy dandy point-and-shoot camera, I long to find the best restaurants, patisseries, bakeries, delis, cafés, bistros, diners, food carts, and drive-ins in the world. AND yes, I love to travel and seek out adventure. I love to try new things every time I can. So, join me in my adventure to track down the best of the best that the world has to offer!

Now, who wants to join me? Let’s journey and keep things amazing.

    • Precious said:

      i hope this comment will make him write his FIRST post!!!

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