Graduated in May of 2010 from a university in the United States. With a business degree. No culinary nor pastry school background. I’m now back in my home country, the Philippines, where I work in the province for the family business.

Baking has always been a hobby. I was sent to Maya Kitchens and other baking courses during the summers as a kid. Though it wasn’t until I lived in an apartment back in the U.S. that I really got to bake till my heart’s content. Something about finally having a full range oven (which we never had installed in our condo in Manila) gave me endless possibilities.. That started it all and there was no turning back.

Being here in the province has been somewhat of a culture shock since I grew up living in the city. To keep myself busy, I started baking again and even dived into some cooking. I try to challenge myself, trying recipes I thought I’d never be able to pull off. Who eats the stuff I make? I go back to the city on weekends where hungry friends await to be fed.

Since our family business is in the food industry, I am also always on the look out for the best eats in Manila and around the world. So watch out for some restaurant and food reviews, both local and abroad.

There you go- baking, cooking, eating, travelling.. pretty much the things that have stopped me from going insane.

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