Remember that big jar of tomato sauce I’ve been working towards finishing? Let me show you a picture of it again just so you remember exactly how big it is:

remember this big jar of sauce??

My cook, Tita, is aware of this project. We try to come up with ideas every week as to how we’ll tackle this problem of the big jar of Prego sauce that is about to expire.. I’ve been wanting to make Eggplant Parmesan but I can never find the big, fat eggplant variety anywhere here or in Manila. Let me know if you guys know where I can buy some? This made me change the recipe for the week to Chicken Parmesan. Luckily, we had several types of pasta available to choose from. I picked the Spinach Tagliatelle since I thought the color of it would go well with the sauce– maybe healthier? Tita’s specialty isn’t Italian cuisine so there’s always a lot of supplies leftover from when we do try to expose her to more Western cooking and dishes. I actually think she finds this project amusing and that she’s learning a lot 🙂

Since we try to eat healthy here in the province, Tita rarely fries anything for us. So she had the idea to put the breaded chicken breasts in the turbo broiler. Same crunchiness to be expected was attained.

I also made a tomato cream sauce. (Yes, using the Prego sauce) I basically mixed some sauce and sour cream with a touch of honey. Then I mixed the cooked pasta in. Mhm.. yes I sweetened it up again with honey, hey it’s Pinoy taste!

Last thing I did was top off the chicken with some mozzarella and parmesan cheese then sprinkled some dried basil leaves. This just came out of the oven.

The chicken was then put on top of the cooked pasta. It was a good dish. More of the sauce was used up.. probably almost half of the jar gone!

Even though Tita learns a lot from us siblings about Western cooking, I, personally learn a lot from her. Here at our house, she makes homemade Puto, Suman, Biko and other Filipino desserts. I also don’t actually know a lot about Pinoy cooking so teaches me once in a while. Here’s a picture of us during the cooking session!

She meant to smile in this picture..

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