This is my first cooking post. I should tell you guys right off the bat that I am not a cook. I am a baker. The obsessive compulsive in me creates the perfect personality of the baker where following exact instructions and measurements excites me. Yes, I said that excites me.

Back in the states, my cooking really just consisted of making lots of pasta, garlic rice, corned beef (only Purefoods- the original blue can) and scrambled egg beaters.. Two summers ago, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone so I joined my brother in taking a Fundamentals in Culinary Arts course at CCA (Center for Culinary Arts) Manila. It was a 13 day course of several techniques in cooking different cuisines so I definitely learned a lot. More information can be found if you click the course hyperlink.

So that’s a little bit of background on my cooking. As I discover the inner potential cook in me, I’ll try to post my new experiences as much as I can. Lucky for you, here goes the first one. If you’ve read my Onion Focaccia post, you’ll remember that I said I used the bread to make these pizza squares. The plan: sweeten up some tomato sauce with some brown sugar and honey, top it off with cheese and unseasoned bits of cauliflower and chicken. Salty focaccia, what now?? pizza squares.. now that’s what I’m talking about!

Let me take a step back for a second and let you in on a little project I’m in the middle of. As I’ve mentioned before, I check whatever we have lying around and try to use those that are about to go bad. Well here my friends is the project of the month! Prego Sauce. A 4-pound jar of deliciously seasoned tomato sauce. As they say in their commercials, it’s all in there! They didn’t lie. So I hope you can bear with me if my weekly cooking posts include using the sauce and me updating you on the consumption level.

BIG jar of sauce

In the end, the tale of the salty focaccia bread closed on a good note. It was like having pizza on a well seasoned crust. No need to panic when things don’t turn out the way you expect them to be, there should be ways to remedy them.

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