If you’ve been wondering where my post for last week’s cooking with the big jar of Prego sauce is, here it is! I wanted to use the sauce in some type of soup so we could use a lot of it at once as a flavoring agent. I remembered this tomato seafood soup that my aunt made during Holy Week that I really loved. It was fresh, light and very flavorful. The soup just had to be recreated. So I asked Tita, who you should know from my last cooking post, to buy some seafood from the market that morning.

With fresh seafood, the broth, mixed in with maybe a cup and half to two, was packed with flavor. The seafood and tomato tastes were distinct layers but married well. As for my project of finishing up things I see in our pantry- I saw a box of lasagna pasta. I had this idea to cook them and cut them in squares or strips to mix into the soup. And so my Seafood Minestrone was made.

This was very, very good. As you can see, Tita bought way more seafood than needed but nobody complained. This big pot could have served 8-10 people. But three people feasted on this. The parents were abroad so it was just the brothers and I. Not all consumed that lunch but also for dinner that night and then lunch again the next day. I actually didn’t get tired of this soup!

OH, and as for the Prego sauce progress:

I think just one more dish, huh?

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