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Donuts (or doughnuts). I both love them and hate them. I love them, because they’re sweet, soft, fluffy, and fried. Depending on who makes them, they can be topped with chocolate, different flavored glazes, sprinkles and any other topping you can think of. I hate them, too, because they’re sweet, soft, fluffy, and fried. Yes, I hate them, because I love munching on these sinful and calorific “doughy” creations.

Do-Rite Donuts is one testament to my ever increasing love-hate relationship with donuts. Early in the morning, I was on my way to get my State ID, when the air was suddenly filled with the smell of freshly made donuts. My eyes grew large and my nose started to look for that glorious smell. I looked around excitedly until my eyes chanced upon this red “pop-out” store on the next block ahead.

Unfortunately, I was rushing to get my State ID, as the lines at the DMV were known to be notoriously long. After my short trip (whoot!) to the DMV, I rushed back to the Do-Rite Donuts store, where I was greeted with different flavored donuts. Here are the donuts that I tried:

Maple Bacon Donut

This is a must have. At first, this donut was not available, because they ran out. Thankfully, the donut dude told me that it’ll be available in five minutes, because they were cooking a new batch. The five minute wait was definitely worth it. The dough of the donut was so fluffy and light. And of course, maple always goes with (correctly cooked) bacon. The combination was delicious!

Old-fashioned Buttermilk Donut

For some reason, I love buttermilk donuts. Some of my friends don’t like it, because they’re too overwhelmingly sweet and heavy. This buttermilk donut was good! It had the right amount of sourness and sweetness to it. Crunchy on the outside and cakey soft in the inside.

Coconut Cream Custard

This was my friend and food buddy in crime, Clarence Ang’s favorite. He gobbled this up quickly. I had a little bite and knew why Clarence loved it. The toasted coconut and the creamy whip inside of it just blended well together.

Carrot Cake Donut

For those who know me, I love carrot cake. While ordering the donuts, Clarence overheard this guy telling this woman to buy the carrot cake donut. The guy said, “The cream cheese (on the carrot cake donut) is so good, I could kill a man.” And boy was that guy right. I probably won’t kill anyone for it, but it was good, as it wasn’t too sweet! I loved the carrot cake donut (quite biased because I love carrot cake). As you can see, it really had bits and thin slices of carrot on top (and inside of the donut too). Yummy.

Bottomline: If ever you’re in downtown Chicago, try Do-Rite Donuts. It’s definitely one of the top donut places I have ever been to. However, I still think Doughnut Plant in NYC still reigns supreme. This comes in second place though!

Overall Rating: 4/5

Food: 4/5 – Hot dogs and sausages are out of this world. You can definitely taste the quality in each and everyone of them.

Value for Money: 3.5/5 – Donuts range from $1.95 to $2.95 depending if you get individual, half-dozen or a dozen donuts. Prices do not include tax. Quite expensive for donuts, but I guess you pay for quality.

Service: 4/5 – Easy and fast service. You might have to wait a while, as lines can form when donuts are freshly made.

Ambiance: 3/5 – It’s a take-out or carry-out store. No frills, just a small pop-out store. There are chairs located outside where you can sit down and enjoy your Do-Rite Donuts.

For more information, check out Do-Rite Donuts’ website:

The store is located at 50 W. Randolph Street. It opens at 6:30 AM, Monday through Friday, and stays open until there are no more donuts. Last fry is 11:00. (from Chicagoist:


Hello world! To kick off my first post on this yummy blog, I would like to introduce to you Hot Doug’s, The Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium. This is a HUGE call, but I would say that this place serves the best hot dogs I have ever eaten.

And yes, I take my hot dogs seriously. To prove this, let me tell you a short story. When I was a fat five year old kid, I was put on a strict diet to lose weight. My mom instructed our cook to not over feed me, as I tend to munch on (and finish) any food in sight. During eating time (breakfast, lunch and dinner), I would usually be the first one seated at the dining table, while readying my tummy for the food to enter. When the diet started, I became sad. I got smaller portions of food from rice to dessert. I felt cheated. No, I felt betrayed. I loved my mom and my cook up until that nightmare of a diet plan. Hungry, angry and fat, I was determined to get my full ration of food.

One day, I devised a clever plan to get more food than I was allowed to have. My food target: hot dogs. Why hot dogs? It’s my go-to food when I’m hungry. More importantly, it’s one of the first foods I loved. And of course, they’re delicious with rice and a sunny side up egg. In particular, I wanted the  Purefoods Tender Juicy hot dogs. They’re tender, juicy, and deliciously red (yes, it’s food coloring).

Thanks to Cebu Shopper for the image!

The plan was both intricately and ingeniously made in the eyes of my five year old self. Here’s a quick outline of what I remember doing:

1. The prize: Make sure we had hot dogs in our fridge. Without the hot dogs, there would be no plan to begin with. Thankfully, the goods were in stock.

2. The key: I knew my mom instructed our cook to only prepare food during designated times. However, I also knew that our cook takes requests of my siblings when they want to have snacks during the day. BOOM.

3. The request: So, knowing that, I quietly went down to our kitchen where our cook was. I made sure my mom was not there, since she might foil my plan. The heavens answered my prayers. She was nowhere to be seen. Using my “chubiness and cuteness”, I politely asked our cook if she could prepare one cup of rice, 3 pieces of hot dogs and a sunny side up egg for my “brother”. I told her that my brother just played basketball and was really hungry. She gave in and started cooking. KABOOM.

4. The finish: Our cook brought the food to the dining table. I told her that my brother was coming in a few minutes. Little did she know that my brother was not actually there. HEHE! She left the room after placing the tray of food on the table. When she left, I hurriedly sat down, licked my lips and grabbed my fork and spoon and started eating like a mad man (funny thing is, I wasn’t even that hungry. I was just deprived.) Slowly, everything was beautiful again. I was indulging on one of my favorite foods: the hot dog. Spoonfuls of rice, runny yolk and hot dog pieces entering my mouth were the only things I focused on. I finished that meal in less than five minutes.

Anyway, now that I have hopefully established my love for hot dogs, let me bring back the main topic at hand: Hot Doug’s. This fine establishment, located around 20 minutes from downtown Chicago by car, serves hot dogs from the typical Chicago dog to the extremely creative “special” hot dogs made of meats from lamb to pheasant. It’s one of the most popular restaurants in Chicago, so be prepared to wait in line. On a normal day, you would probably need to wait for around 30 minutes to one hour to get in. Luckily, we went on a Monday that didn’t have too many people. Score!

Inside, the walls are covered with Doug’s paraphernalia, pictures and posters. The walls hail the “two greatest words in the English language: encased meats.” 

Hot Doug’s offers two menus to choose from: the Regular menu and Today’s Specials. The regular menu features hot dog staples such as the Chicago dog and the Polish hot dog. Today’s Specials is where the money is at. It features the creative hot dogs that Doug Sohn, the owner and head chef, is known for. I suggest ordering most of your choices from the Today’s Specials to blow your mind away. Here’s what our group ordered:

Smoked Portuguese Linguica with Saffron Rouille and Aged Iberico Cheese ($7.50)

The smoky flavor of this hot dog really shines throughout the sandwich. The combination of the saffron rouille and aged Iberico cheese provides tangy and sharp flavors.

Polish Sausage: Smoked and savory - just like the King. ($3.00)

What a Polish sausage should taste and look like.

Spicy Thai Chicken Sausage with Thai Peanut Sauce and Toasted Coconut ($8.00)

This hot dog was kind of weird tasting, in a good way. It was like eating a Thai curry dish with a crunchy and soft ground chicken.

Roasted Garlic and Marsala Wild Boar Sausage with Roasted Tomato Goat Butter and Smoked Gouda Cheese ($7.50)

Wild Boar was quite gamey. The roasted tomato goat butter and smoked gouda cheese made the “gameyness” yummy.

Juan Dixon ($8.00)

I forgot what the sausage was, but the toppings of fried onions and the sauce were delicious!

Cognac and Bacon Pheasant Sausage with Chevre Cream, Wild Boar Pate and Truffle-Balsamic Drizzle ($7.50)

THE BEST: If you see this on the menu, do yourself a favor and ORDER IT. It is the BEST out of all the sausages we ordered. The sausage itself was already tasty. I didn’t know pheasant tasted that good. The Chevre cream made the sandwich creamy with slight hints of tanginess and saltiness. The Wild Boar pate blew me away. It was soft, perfectly seasoned and tasted like cubes of soft boary goodness. To top it all off, the truffle-balsamic drizzle had the right amount of sweetness and truffle flavor to it. A MUST TRY.

The Mountain Man (A damn tasty combination of Antelope, Buffalo, Elk and Venison) with Basque Fruit Cream and Queso Zamorano ($8.00)

The Mountain Man is for the men. Its strong flavors of antelope, buffalo, elk and venison make for a very, very gamey sausage. The basque fruit cream cut the gameyness and provided a sweet contrast. The queso Zamorano tasted good, like Parmigiano Reggiano good.

Fresh-cut French Fries ($2.25)

These french fries were so good! They were crunchy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside, which is how fries are supposed to be! We ordered one large fries and shared between four people. It was huge! During Fridays and Saturdays, Hot Doug’s serves duck fat fries too. I have never tried them yet, because the two times I visited this place was on a Monday.

Bottomline: if you’re in Chicago, you have to visit Hot Doug’s. No excuses. A Chicago trip will not be complete without it.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Food: 5/5 – Hot dogs and sausages are out of this world. You can definitely taste the quality in each and everyone of them.

Value for Money: 5/5 – Hot dogs range from $2.00 to $8.00. All prices include tax (thank you for the convenience Doug!)

Service: 5/5 – Doug himself is usually on the front taking orders. Ask him for recommendations, as he obviously knows his stuff pretty well.

Ambiance: 3/5 – Place was designed to personify Doug’s ecstatic and funky taste and lifestyle. Pictures speak for itself.

For more information, check out Hot Doug’s website:

My first sick day ever.. I really don’t get sick too often so this is the first time I’m missing work today.. well, not completely since our office is just right downstairs and I’ve actually given instructions for work to be brought up to me when needed. Yes, I’m baller that way. Therefore, I’m going to take this time to finally post something though, so read on!

Chicago. Known for the home of the Chicago Bulls, the team of the legendary Michael Jordan. The crazy weather of course- labeled the ‘Windy City’, Chicago is definitely a place you wouldn’t want to be in during the winter. I, for one, don’t miss the weather at all. I love where I am now, in my tropical, full of sunshine (well not currently since it’s rainy season) motherland. Back to the list.. there’s Oprah in Chicago (which I never got to watch live by the way..) Oh! And yes, deep dish pizza! If this intro sounds familiar, you’ve probably read my NYC Pizza post.

This post was a no-brainer since deep dish pizza is a Chicago essential. It’s just one of those types of food that you associate with the city. There’s an interesting story behind this dish. It’s always funny to think how the famous restaurants that serve these all fought over the title of ‘original inventor’. I think as long as you consistently strive to serve the best food out there, being the original shouldn’t matter so much. I don’t know, that’s my opinion. Read up on your deep dish pizza if you want to know more! So where do you get the BEST deep dish pizza this side of town?? Well continue on as I share my thoughts!

I’ve based my rankings on two criteria points: crust ‘hulkness’ and filling ‘BAM!ness’

CRUST ‘HULKNESS’ (CH): good buttery flavor, flaky crust with strong capacity to hold delicious pizza filling (not soggy). A deep dish pizza is just that, pizza baked in a deeper pan which means a relatively higher crust that acts as a wall to hold up the filling inside.

FILLING ‘BAM!NESS'(FB): explosion of flavor that permits a party in one’s mouth. In a deep dish pizza, the usual toppings are doubled, some even tripled in quantity to fill in a deeper crust making this the authentic pizza PIE.

photo credit to:

#3 UNO’S PIZZA: This was probably the first Chicago deep dish pizza I’ve ever had. I first had this way back, before I was even a freshman, when I did my campus tour back in May 2006. This pizza is very rich. (CH): I remember their crust tasting so buttery that you would feel full just from eating a slice. The butteriness of it automatically brought in the flakiness factor. The crust was sturdy enough to hold the filling but I personally found it too thick and heavy for my taste. (FB): the filling was very flavorful. Quality of the ingredients was up to par. Amount of cheese- VERY cheesy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m obsessed with cheese but it became too much that it might have not given the flavors of the other ingredients an opportunity to shine through.

photo credit to:

#2 Giordano’s: taking it from someone who’s not a Chicago native, Giordano’s pizza might just be one of the more famous deep dish pizza names out there. I’ve heard about this pizza way before I even planned on going to school in Illinois. I’ve had this pie several times but my most memorable one was during Spring break of 2007. How was it memorable? My cousin Carlene, who was attending Cornell University came to visit to spend her break with me. Along with some other friends from school, we decided to tour around the city but it was lunch at Giordano’s first.

The gang!


Really confused as to where it all went.

On my review- (CH): I honestly feel that their crust could be more buttery and flaky. I’ve also always thought that their crust tends to become soggy once filled with the toppings. What I like about their crust compared to Uno’s is that it’s not as heavy as the latter’s. (FB): I’m usually not disappointed with how Giordano’s prepares their toppings. The spinach is usually a favorite order of mine for the simple reason that the main ingredient becomes the star of the dish. Sausage is another crowd pleaser as their sausage is perfectly seasoned, not overly salty as some may tend to be.

#1 Lou Malnati’s: Now for my favorite deep dish pizza! I first had Lou Malnati’s during a trip to Chicago with some friends. I loved it so much that I decided to introduce this to my family when they came for my graduation. (CH): the crust is buttery, flaky, delicious BUT LIGHT. I KNOW. How can something buttery be light? I don’t know but at Lou Malnati’s they’re experts of the trick. (FB): the filling. Oh delicious filling. I love that it’s not just a pie of cheese you have to swim your way into just to find the treasure bits of meats and vegetables. It’s always light and fresh tasting, you’d want to eat more! My review doesn’t really do this pie justice. It’s just that good that you must try it! 🙂

So how exactly is this a tribute post? A tribute to the deep dish pizza? Well not really.. but sure in some sense since I did just write a long post about it. BUT no. I’d like to dedicate this post to my cousin Carlene, who we lost almost 3 yrs ago. I miss you everyday cousin.. Always thinking of you!

As you may have noticed, all my Tasty Travel posts don’t just concentrate on the food. I share stories. Stories about my travels and about my life. I think this gives you an opportunity to know who I really am. I also wanted to provide a contrast between personal and foodie life. Here I share a true “travel” post as I talk about being a tourist! 🙂

After my graduation, the family decided that we would be tourists for a couple of days before they had to fly back home. I stayed behind since I tried looking for a job in the US. That obviously didn’t work out as planned but I’m completely fine with how things turned out since I’ve always wanted to come back home and help out my family. So going back..of the 4 yrs I’ve lived in Illinois, I actually haven’t seen much of the state. People always ask me what’s there to see in Chicago and I always admit, with such disappointment, that I have not seen much of the famous city. It wasn’t too late after all.. the solution: Chicago CityPASS. My younger brother and I knew about the pass from using the San Francisco equivalent over spring break (might blog about the eats from that trip if I find photos). It’s definitely worth the money since it includes 5 attractions (at a discount) which you can spread out through the validity period of 9 days. Each pass for each tourist city is different. I’ll talk about the San Francisco one when I get a chance to blog about it.

Here are some photos from that day. We went to the Museum of Science and Industry. I’ve been to many museums. It’s an interest I share with my dad. Museums aren’t for everyone since I know it tends to be boring after a while. But my dad and I take forever to roam around in these. If I had all the time in the world, I would definitely read all the descriptive texts of all of the displays. And this museum, I have to say, with all of my heart, is hands down, my FAVORITE museum. It is just full of interesting facts and exhibits from war time history to crazy invention ideas for the future.

These blocks made music when moved!

Solar roof. Energy saving appliances. Eco-friendly furniture. Sorry picture taking wasn't allowed inside!

After the museum, which literally took the whole day, we went up the John Hancock Tower. On the 94th floor, those with a fear of heights should suck it up because anyone would want to look down and admire breathtaking views of the city. Audio guides were provided which I was surprised to soon find out that the narrator is David Schwimmer. I then realized, after watching a special on him once on tv before, that Chicago does have a special place in his heart since it was here that he co-founded the Lookingglass Theatre Company. The guide was very informative, guiding you from window to window with different facts and stories of the buildings and other infrastructures from each view.

Now if I just made you bored with all this travel touristy talk, don’t leave just yet! I’m just about to get on to the food! The Grand Lux Cafe. A friend of mine recommended this place to me a while back but I’ve never been able to try it since it’s always been full. I warned my family that I would have the same fate as my previous attempts if we didn’t plan ahead so I knew there was no better strategy than beating the crowd. During an odd hour when it’s just time for afternoon tea, my family and I walk in to the restaurant wanting an early dinner. If this is the first time you’re hearing about Grand Lux Cafe, you would know it’s sister restaurant, the famous Cheesecake Factory. Therefore these two are somewhat similar in concept. It is similar in that the menu is extensive and full of variety, there’s something for everyone. The dessert menu is impressive..not studded with several cheesecake flavors, although Cheesecake Factory cakes are offered.

As experienced Cheesecake Factory diners, we knew the servings would also be generous at Grand Lux Cafe. So for 4 people, two entrees and two desserts were enough.

The Entrees: Cedar Planked BBQ Salmon with Mashed Potatoes, Corn Succatash and Crispy Onion Rings.

Madeira Chicken- Chicken Breast Topped with Asparagus, Mozzarella and
Mushroom-Madeira Sauce. Served with Mashed Potatoes.

Reviews: These were good. Honestly, nothing spectacular but they were good and tasty. The salmon was cooked well and the BBQ sauce was tangy enough to provide a good flavor. My only complaint though was that the smoky cedar flavor was lost possibly due to the use of the sauce. However, the onion rings were gigantic rounds of fried perfection. The chicken was not the texture I was expecting since I thought a crispier outer shell would have worked better for the dish but then again, I’ve never had chicken prepared this way before. For both dishes though.. the mashed potatoes were delicious scoops of buttery starch. And I’m one to be more critical when it comes to basic techniques such as cooking mashed potatoes.. which I think is frequently overlooked. This they have perfected.

The desserts: Molten Chocolate Cake. Red Velvet Cake.

Reviews: These people really know desserts. The chocolate cake was nice and gooey in the center, not skimping on the chocolate, nope, not a single sign of chocolate selfishness. It was a perfect marriage paired with the ice cream, which cannot be seen in the picture since we focused on the cake. The red velvet. Of how I wish I didn’t have an obsession with you! I’ve had the red velvet cheesecake at the sibling restaurant and loved it. I had high expectations for this one and I was not disappointed. The perfect red velvet cake that is the base of the cheesecake I’ve tried once before was basically the entirety of this dessert. Finally, I get to try just the cake and it was delicious, even more so this time around since I was able to savour its full flavor.

So Grand Lux Cafe- food is delicious but not outstanding. I would go there for the desserts. And Chicago. I miss you already. I wish I got to know you better throughout the 4 years. I realized that this might be one of only two genuine Chicago posts since my other ones are in restaurants based in the suburbs. So until next time my windy city!

My favorite picture taken from the John Hancock Observatory

Grand Lux Cafe
600 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 276-2500

Those of you who know my background have probably been wondering why I haven’t posted anything Chicago related when I did go to a university in Illinois. Thinking back on my college years, I realized I rarely had an opportunity to eat in downtown Chicago. If you didn’t know, I studied at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I love and miss my Alma mater. The campus is beautiful and huge. The school sits on the two towns of Urbana and Champaign– that will give you an idea of how big this campus is. It is also home to around 40,000 kids. I remember my Econ lectures would be comprised of 300 kids. But of course, probably less than half would fill up the auditorium. I miss every bit of it- from stepping on crunchy leaves during the fall, even the mushy muddy snow on the quad during the winter.. I know someday I’ll go back for a visit! 🙂

One of the downsides of my 4 year college experience at this university though was the fact that it was 3 hours away from Chicago. The campus is located in Central Illinois, literally in the cornfields. Through the years, I learned to love the rural life. Heck, it actually helped me focus on my studies since I wasn’t exposed to the potential distractions of city life and the temptations that came along with the lifestyle.

I was only able to dine in Chicago’s fine restaurants on special occasions, usually when my family would come visit. Since I wasn’t able to document each visit I had made to the city, I’ll only share my latest experiences. Probably too recent that one of them starts right after my graduation ceremony last May 2010.

Now, this place is actually not in downtown Chicago. It is in one of the suburbs of Chicago. The story: my dad and eldest brother flew in for my graduation. My younger brother who attends the same school has just moved out of his dorm and has filled my apartment with his things. The original plan was for all of us to go back to the suburbs where my uncle lives the next morning to bring back my brother’s things. Dad changes his mind and decides to go back right after the ceremony, have a late dinner so we could avoid paying for a night at one of Champaign’s hotels. The restaurant chosen: Chicago Prime Steakhouse.

If you remember my Peter Luger post, I’ve already shared that I’m not the biggest fan of steak. I’m somewhat of a fan and with that I mean that I eat it but am very picky. We were starving at that point when we got to the restaurant. After a 3 hour or so drive back and having just attended my graduation that afternoon, we were ready to eat just about anything.

ON TO THE FOOD: I will skip all the frills of the place (ok, it was a very classy American type of restaurant- very reminiscent of old Hollywood) and move on to the feasting. Check out their menu here.

Appetizer: Oysters Rockefeller. Cajun Scallops. These were gone in 10 seconds. The scallops were ginormous and juicy.

Entrees: Steak Steak Steak and Ribs
Dad was really craving for some ribs so that’s what he ordered. I have to say that these were one of the best ribs I have ever had. Really juicy and tender with just the right balance of tang and sweet from the sauce. This was definitely slowly cooked to perfection.

The steaks. I ordered the Filet Oscar. My eldest brother had the Steak and Cake. I believe the lil’ bro had the 16 oz. New York Sirloin (judging from the cut and size in the picture).

Steak review: the meats were cooked well. It wasn’t the melt in your mouth sensation that I’ve encountered before but this came pretty close. All the sides that came with the main entrees were also generously seasoned. Overall a good dining experience.

Chicago Prime Steakhouse
1444 E. Algonquin Road
Schaumburg, IL

Hey Guys.. So this will probably be my last New York Tasty Travel post until the next time I get to go back and visit the city.. I don’t know when that will be. There are no current plans for me to go back to the States. Plus, I have to apply for a visa. My mom keeps bugging me about it. I think it’s about time so I can use some of my saved up miles to go back!

For this post, I really wanted to talk about the Doughnut Plant. I discovered it while watching another Throwdown with Bobby Flay episode It was then that I learned of the existence of the TRES LECHES doughnut. After knowing that they made such a creation, I just knew I had to get my hands on one.

I LOVE Tres Leches cake. A coworker of mine from when I was working at a library back at school told me about this cake. It intrigued me. A three milk cake you say? Cake and milk. To be specific, cake soaked in three kinds of milk (condensed, evaporated, half-and-half). I mean, that does sound like a good combination. And it is. Though a popular Latin American dessert, I actually first had it in Manila at Circles, Shangri-la Makati (a must try!). After tasting it, I knew I just added another cake flavor to my favorites.

Anyway, going back to Doughnut Plant. I was lucky enough to try the Tres Leches doughnut at a stopover in Seoul en route to Manila. It was delicious. Nothing like I’ve never tasted. The doughnut cake, which you would expect to be dry and compact, was filled with creamy milk (I’m guessing a lot of condensed). This gave the doughnut such a good contrast in texture and a boost in flavor and sweetness. This is one doughnut not for the faint-hearted.


I wasn’t satisfied though. I really wanted to get this doughnut from the actual store in NYC. So it was an automatic place to go to during our ’09 trip. From our friends’ place where we were crashing, the store was a pretty far journey. Good thing by then, I’ve learned to take the subway. After what seemed like several train transfers and walking opposite directions, we finally got there.

This place already had a good following and famous name. You can see the evidence on their walls. You can only purchase the doughnuts here. Space is very limited for in-store dining. The bakery was based there, too. My brother got to take a picture of it but was threatened by the co-owner that he would be fined if he didn’t stop!

I hope you forgive me for not being able to take individual photos of the doughnuts we bought that day! I don’t know what happened (we ate them right away).. All I can really say from this trip was it was a good reunion for me and the Tres Leches doughnut. I think I almost cried when I took a bite of it.

Doughnut Plant. 379 Grand Street, NY. 212-505-3700.

P.S. I stumbled upon a Doughnut Plant while on a trip in Tokyo (no Tres Leches flavor though- sad). Yes, they have this in Korea and Japan. So take note of this the next time you travel to these places if you don’t plan on going to NYC anytime soon!

SHOCKER INFO about me: I am not a big fan of steak. YUP. Sorry. I appreciate it but I’m not a big fan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a pretty big meat eater but I’m just so picky with my steak. I’ve only had a couple memorable experiences with steak and this post will talk about one of them.

Peter Luger. I was very hesitant to join my friends for dinner when I first heard about the restaurant. They said the dinner would probably cost around $60 per head. As a struggling, pretty much broke, college student at the time, I didn’t know if spending that much money on meat was a good idea.

I remember the trip to Brooklyn was an adventure itself. Let’s just say there were some pretty interesting people on the train headed the same direction. The people of this city never fail to fascinate me! When we got there, the place had an old feel to it, very classic type of atmosphere which gives you that sense of old New York.

One thing that I hated about this place though.. the bad service. Ok, I wouldn’t call it “bad” service. The waiters are well-trained. Too trained that they have this attitude about them that comes off as arrogant. And I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who’s experienced this at Peter Luger before.

Then the food came. Steak cooked medium rare, as dictated, not recommended by our server. Personally, I like my steak cooked medium well but our server did insist that medium rare was the way to go. When I tasted the steak, all my irritation towards our pompous waiter went away. The meat literally melted in my mouth. Every penny spent was worth it. I ended up loving every bite when I didn’t even expect to like it! I came back two years later.. I was so ready to just dive in and eat that all I said to our waiter at that time was: “Yes, yes, whatever you think would taste delicious, I trust you!” 🙂

slanted on smaller plates so the fat drips off..

Peter Luger, Inc. 178 Broadway, Brooklyn, N.Y. 718-387-7400. Reservations HIGHLY recommended.

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