This is the ONLY Vietnamese restaurant that I will be able to write about from our July 2009 trip to Ho Chi Minh. Why you ask? Well it has to do with my aging parents who easily got tired to tour around the city. So we didn’t really get to go on this gastronomic adventure that I was really looking forward to. I think my brother and I had to go off and explore on our own at some point. Oh and the weather didn’t really coordinate either.. After the trip, I just knew there was so much more to see in this city as well as in other parts of Vietnam. I would love to go back (maybe with my brothers or friends) and do some rugged exploring.

The trip wasn’t that of a disaster because of this restaurant that my cousin recommended who was just there maybe a month before us. Quan an Ngon, as I discovered, is one of those restaurants that got pretty famous through the tourist vine. There are a lot of mixed reviews on it since the authenticity of their dishes is usually questioned. For my family though, it was a hit. The restaurant itself looked unique. It was basically a compound of smaller houses where diners can choose from several areas as to where they would prefer to dine.


Shrimp fritters, clams and escargot. The shrimp fritters were different in that the shells were still intact. That provided for a crunchier texture and more flavor. The clams and escargot were fresh and cooked simply in their own broth and garlic.

The fried rice. This wasn’t that spectacular but my dad LOVES fried rice.

The Greens- Hollow vegetable (Kangkong) sauteed in garlic. This was actually my favorite. I remember that sauce was amazing. I liked it so much I called it ‘awesome sauce’.

I called these the Vietnamese Chicken Kebabs. These were pretty good and grilled to perfection.

The experience at Quan an Ngon was definitely pleasant for all of us. We’re not experts of the cuisine so we’re not going to pretend that we know the standards when it comes to Vietnamese food. We just know good food and this interesting restaurant has that to offer.

Quan an Ngon. 160 Pasteur St, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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